• My evening? Oh, it’s going brilliantly…

  • Tried out some shaving subscriptions

  • Time from MacBook keyboard warranty replacement to space-bar failing… 2 weeks 😡

  • Just when you thought they couldn’t make PowerPoint any more fun, you get to try it in a web browser… 😬

  • IMG_9892 (1).jpg

    We tried to make a snowman, but it came out ‘evil bunny’.

  • IMG_9875.jpg

    Foreign ownership of football teams has gone too far.

  • All business names should be puns. Fact.

  • When you’re not in it it’s very pretty.

  • The problem with a child born in late January is that, by late February, they are convinced the correct mean time between presents is ~4 weeks.

  • It should be illegal to conduct business without a minimum pun-level.

  • Increasingly feel I should have adult supervision in central London.

  • In Switzerland they have vending machines for cheese in the street. Am re-evaluating my holiday plans.

  • “Himself”

  • 👍 Good news: Free keyboard replacement for my MaxBook Pro. 👎 Bad news: 7 days without it. 😬 Am about to find out good that Time Machine backup I took is on my 8 year old ‘spare’ laptop.

  • Apple furniture un-marked by HomePod 🤔

  • Local sleeper agents requesting instructions…

  • Interesting write-up on the Amazon Day One blog: “Real-time acoustic fingerprinting will prevent Alexa devices from waking when her name is called during [a] commercial”.

  • East Midlands Trains setting expectations pretty well 👍

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  • Loving the NYT on “Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents”

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